Paver Sealing Palm Beach FL

Paver Sealing Palm Beach FL

Benefits of Professional Paver Sealing in Palm Beach, FL

Stain Repellant

Concrete and brick pavers are porous. That means unsealed pavers absorb any liquid that spills onto them, causing staining. Oil and grease stains prove especially difficult to remove once they set in. Our professional team can help you prevent this problem with high-quality paver sealing.

Improved Appearance

In addition to protecting your paving, sealers help enhance their beauty. Professional paver sealing by A Buff and Beyond will add a glossy touch to your pavers, making them look colorful and attractive.

Prevent Fungi and Mold Growth

Our professional team fills any gaps on your concrete or brick pavers before applying the sealer. This process helps prevent the growth of weeds, fungi, and mold, safeguarding your loved one’s health and safety.


Our paver sealers add a waterproofing effect to your paving. You won’t have to worry about moisture seeping into the joint sand and washing it away. Brick paver sealing also prevents mildew or mold from sneaking in.

Easy Maintenance

Sealed pavers are easier to clean and maintain than their unsealed counterparts. You just need to hose the surface down when it looks dirty.

Our Paver Sealing Process in Palm Beach, FL

At A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing, we employ a five-step paver cleaning and sealing process to ensure top-quality results and complete customer satisfaction:

  1. Our technicians start by removing weeds and stabilizing the paver joints with sand. 
  2. The next step involves applying a deep cleansing agent to loosen dirt, grime, and stains. 
  3. They will then power-wash the paving with a low-PSI pressure washer to avoid sand loss or surface damage. 
  4. Once your paving is clean, the technicians will sand the surface to eliminate stubborn stains and check for other imperfections.
  5. The final step involves applying a two-part sealant to restore your surface instantly. 

Get in touch to see how you could benefit from our paver sealing and traditional pressure washing services in Palm Beach, FL

Paver Sealing Stuart FL

Historical Palm Beach

Palm Beach lies on a barrier island in east-central Palm Beach County, Florida. The Intracoastal Waterway separates the incorporated town from Lake Worth Beach, West Palm Beach, and several other neighboring cities to its west.

The town commemorated its centennial on April 17, 2011. It is home to about 9,245 residents as of the 2020 U.S. Census. Bloomberg News ranked it as the United States’ 27th-wealthiest place in 2016.

According to Forbes, Palm Beach had more than 30 billionaires in 2017. The town has hosted many famous and wealthy persons, including U.S. presidents Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy.

Our Reviews in Palm Beach, FL

250+ 5-Star Google Reviews

Andrew and his team were great to work with! I wish I had before and after photos to share – pre was pretty gross with all the mildew on the driveway plus the green on our front gutters. Now the house, driveway and porch sparkle…well as much as concrete can! They took exceptional care with my landscaping. Overall a great experience!
Cat Tolton
Cat Tolton
Excellent service. This is the second time we have used A Buff and Beyond.
Dawn Owen
Dawn Owen
I’m very pleased with their work. They just cleaned my home exterior and cleaned & sealed my pavers today. Professional, punctual, and thorough. Highly recommended for a job well done!
Daniel Erickson
Daniel Erickson
These guys did a wonderful job with my driveway and back patio. They were on time and very efficient. I didn’t have to wait weeks for the job to be done and their prices are the best in the area. Not only did they seal my pavers, but they completely cleaned them and re-sanded to make it look brand new again. The maintenance alone for not having to kill weeds and pressure wash buildup anymore will save me so much time. I highly recommend their services!
Jillian Leigh
Jillian Leigh
These guys are professional and they did an excellent job! I would highly recommend!!
They did a great job. My roof and house look awesome. They were on time and at a great price.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams
Andrew was very professional and responsive. They did an excellent job pressure washing my house, fence and driveway. My house looks like new. Very satisfied. Definitely recommend
Joanne Meneses
Joanne Meneses

Paver Sealing in Palm Beach from A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing

A Buff and Beyond Pressure Washing is the go-to professional for paver sealing in Palm Beach, FL. We have years of experience providing top-quality exterior cleaning services including roof cleaning, paver cleaning and sealing services for residential and business surfaces in Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.
We guarantee affordable pricing, skilled paver technicians, timely service, and 100% customer satisfaction.
Call (772) 971-2121 today for a personalized quote for professional paver sealing in Palm Beach, FL.

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